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  • This page contains some very up close and personal videos with Africa's majestic wildlife. I used my GoPro Hero 4 and predicted the animals movements to capture these very cool videos...until a pride of Lions decided to eat my camera.

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    Lion picks up my GoPro

    An awesome moment when a lioness picked up my camera.

    The King

    Predators have proven very hard to capture on my GoPro but on this day in Zambia I placed my camera in the perfect place.


    Hyena picks up GoPro

    A very curious Hyena picks up my camera

    The Kick

    This Elephant decided it had seen enough of my camera and gave it a good kick. 

    So Close

    After spotting this bachelor heard of Elephants from camp I couldn't resist sneaking into the bush to plant my camera. I got very lucky with my footage and with the fact my camera wasn't squashed!

    Elephant Throws My Camera

    Another bachelor herd of Elephants led by the magnificent Ezulwini (the 2nd Elephant to approach). One of these Elephants gets bored of avoiding my camera and decided to pick it up and throw it away. 

    Sneaking Up On Elephants

    Sneaking through the grass to get a lovely shot of an Elephant and her calf. They really weren't far away as I placed my camera. 

    Elephant in the delta

    An Elephant emerges from the Okavango Delta. I had my camera on a tree branch and I was hiding in the bushes just to the left.

    Rhino sniffs my camera

    These White Rhinos were in a private reserve and had been de-horned to help deter poachers. You can even see the tics on this ones nose.

    The curious warthogs

    These cheeky Warthogs were very curious about my camera.

    Buffalo sniffs camera

    After spotting a herd of Buffalo it's not too difficult to predict their movements.

    The Cheetahs

    This video contains two Cheetahs who were hand raised after being rescued. This footage may have been easier to obtain but It was something I just had to share.

    The Giraffe

    A Giraffe walks right over my camera. I spotted him while out on a bush walk and successfully guessed the game path he would walk on.

    The Waterbuck

    A nervous Waterbuck and her calf.